School Days

Time Travelers' School Days are on Thursday, October 17th and Friday, October 18th. Over 2,000 students visit each day. 
Reenactors are needed to help man learning stations. School Day activities starts at 8:30 am and end by 3:30 pm on both days.

If you are interested in assisting with School Days please contact Shawnee Iacono at or 559-331-1207.

The Fresno Historical Society will provide a meal for all reenactors who actively participated in School Days at 4 pm as a thank you. 

(No lunch will be provided as in years past.)   


Reenactors can arrive onsite after 12:00 pm on Wednesday, October 16th. Once onsite if you have any questions please call Shawnee Iacono.  

Weekend Event
If you are not participating in School Days please arrive on Friday, October 18th after 3:30 pm. (For the safety of children on the grounds and in parking areas no admittance will be allowed until 3:30 pm.) 


Camp Locations
Union Camp is located across from the battlefield North of the Mansion
Confederate Camp is located West of the Mansion
Sutlers are East of the Mansion
Civilians are North of the Sutlers closet to Union Camp

(Please see map below)

Overnight Camping on Sunday night is allowed. 

You must vacate park by 12:00 pm on Monday. 


Kearney Park is closer than you think

San Bernardino to Kearny Park= 4 Hours 10 Minutes or 278 Miles

San Diego to Kearney Park= 5 Hours 53 Minutes or 351 Miles

San Francisco to Kearney Park= 2 Hours 53 Minutes or 183 Miles

Sacramento to Kearney Park= 2 Hours 37 Minutes or 166 Miles


99 North to 180 West Mendota.

180 West Left on Bryan

Right on Kearney

Left on Fair 

Download Event Rules  - CLICK HERE        



7160 W. KEARNEY BLVD., FRESNO, CA 93706   559-441-0862   

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